Qingdao Kechuang Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive equipment development enterprise for industrial automation, which integrates R&D, manufacturing, sale and service as a whole. It was registered on March 31, 2008, with registered capital of 50,000,000 RMB and floor area of more than 130mu. It is mainly engaged in industrial robots and their engineering application such as welding, conveying and painting robot; metal plate production line and production equipment in home appliance industries such as icebox, washer and thermal electric appliance industry; non-standard automatic production line and production equipment in industries such as home appliance and punching press industry; industry 4.0 intelligent plant planning and MES system integration.


With continuous development of industrial manufacturing industry and continuous upgrading of intelligent manufacture, unmanned factory will become the only road leading to modernization or manufacture. The company has mastered the new tendency of “high-grade, precise and advanced” intelligent manufacture, which attracts many national intelligent automation elite partners such as Xi'an Jiaotong University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Beijing Automation Institute, Beijing Mechanical institute, Qingdao Agricultural University, Haier Robot and EWIN Information Technology Co., Ltd. to reach strategic cooperation alliance; the company joints hands with expert R&D teams from Korea and Japan, invests 250 million RMB, and completes the development of Cartesian coordinate robot, cylindrical coordinate robot, common five-axis transfer robot and six-axis transfer robot, and obtains more than 30 national patents after six years of research and development. (The prototype of common six-axis robot has been completed in October 2014 and already put into use.)

Kechuang sticks to the management concept of “human first”, the business philosophy of “depending on quality and service for winning and credit and win-win for development”, the tenet of “specialization, credit, innovation and service”, aims to “dedicated research on intelligent devices and meticulous service for customers”, wholeheartedly serves for development of industrial automation business, and strives to provide intelligent solution to customers; simplify production process, reduce human cost; optimize and improve the product quality; improve the production efficiency; achieve automation, intelligence and informatization of the production process; improve customers’ industrial competitiveness, build an industry benchmark, and lead new ecosystem in intelligent manufacture!

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